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Our Weather Station

We now have a Davis Weather Station set up at the ranch. Not for interior humidity purposes, or bale moisture or anything useful like that, just 'cause we're weather geeks. If you want to see what's going on insude and outside of our SB weather-wise - go here!

We're also hooked into the citizen band weather reporting service which shows weather trends over days, not just the instant weather conditions, go here to check out our site and you can go to others from there....

Hello all!

It's Winter 2009 and three years since we've moved into (in November 2005) our new home.

We've been able to experience winters and pretty hot summers here, the house has performed amazingly well in both those extremes. Our calcs were right, too. With the right amount of opening and closing windows at the right times, we've been able to keep a good temperature constant in the house and hove used the two (small) propane stoves only when wew've been away from the house for an extended period of time, and also when I'm just a weenie in the colder winter mornings and want the house toasty... We've recently put up a Davis Weather Station and it confirms that we're able to keep the house at about 70 degrees with just a littel asistance from the interior stoves. Ceiling fans do a great job of keeping the heat even in side the house. If you didn't see, check above for a couple of links to the station. It's been quite a while since I updated the site. I plan to include some major rehaul in the next two months. Hopefully, it will end up as something useful for existing and want-to-be SB dwellers.

Happy 2008!

Other highlights include the folks we've shown the house to who have heard about us via word of mouth from bale-raising attendees, friends, our architect Janey Armstrsong, our contractor and just other folks cruisng the web.

So, more to come and I'll promise to keep you updated more often.

Mea Culpa... there's been substantial progress since our last update, but we've been too busy building fence, trenching and tiling the bathroom to get time to upload photos. Anyway, our these photos shows our nearly finished house!

We had our bale-raising now almost a year ago - September, 2004 and just this past two weekends had an open house for all those who helped at the bale-raising and those who just want to take a look!

Our stove performed well cooking up rice, beans, carne asada chile verde; our refrigerator proved we CAN hold many bottles of juice, wine, beer, cold cuts and cheese.

We've come a long way and now it seems we'll be able to move in a year and a day after our bale-raising. This photo on the right shows what we envisioned when we began this process - a home with the play of light on straw bales, soft lines and lots of curve. If this house were a woman, her name would be Roxanne and she'd be wearing red lipstick and high heels...

I am awaiting photos from friends of our open house so that all can see who was there and what a great time we had. In the meantime, check out the article our local paper ran last week!

As a reminder to us all... on the left is Mike Novo with our contractor, Dave Exline, Three lil Pigs (on crutches) illustrating why it's not a good idea to fall off a roof (not OURS) and land on your feet!

Dave recovered nicely and now is putting the finishing touches on our place, including putting the finishing touches on one of our truth windows:






Below is a photo of Janice Exline helping put the finishing touches on our master bathroom shower.


And here's a photo of the finished product... I didn't even realize until later that one of our tiles done by a bale-raiser last year would mimic our sun in the shower. It was a lot of work, lots of tile work for about a week straight (I am now an expert tile cracker) with help also from my cousin Sarah and Mike, but seeing the result, it was worth it. The design started when we were buying oak trees at The Tree Man in Paso Robles, California. Roaming around their grounds, I found a garden ornament hanging on the wall and I immediately brought it home and started work. I plan to hang the original metalwork out near our trellis and have inside and outside suns at the same time!

And it's big enough for a whole party!

From left to right - My niece Joell Batista, Dana Ashley, me and my sister Norma Harless


updated All Hallows' Eve, 2005